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Drawing on web-publishing experience dating back well over twenty years; as one of the first users of (then Macromedia, now Adobe) Flash™ and Shockwave™; with network implementations including internet and intranet in some of the largest Dutch regional employers; the Web Laird is well versed in internet design and networking.


Laird of Glencoe Web-design is directly reachable and co-operation is on a one-to-one basis, no salesmen, no sub-contractors, no hierarchical complexities.


Laird of Glencoe Web-design offers principally WordPress based sites although dotclear could be an alternative.
It is also possible to effect migrations from other platforms although this often depends upon the structure and integrity of the original site.


The use of Flash™ and Shockwave™ is on a decline and as such Laird of Glencoe Web-design no longer supports such technology. HTML5 allows the use of coding to effectively replace these platforms and modern algorithms allow the streaming of film superior to Shockwave.
Despite high-rate internet connections, image management is still necessary to avoid bloated images that slow download times. The curse of modern digital photography is that everyone can take high-resolution photos on their telephone but with their large size, they are poorly suited to web-design. With over twenty-years of experience, dating back to the days of dial-in internet connections, Laird of Glencoe Web-design is able to reduce photo sizes without appreciable reduction in quality.


The creation of a site is not the end of the work. There must be a system of backups to ensure that in the unlikely event of a major systems failure with the host, all is not lost. But also in the event of site editing. Often the owner of the site wishes to have access to add news, run a blog etc. and these changes are permanent - without a backup, errors are permanent too. Security is also a very important factor. Even the smallest of sites is a potential target for hackers. Laird of Glencoe Web-design provides protection and monitoring as part of every package.


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