WordPress 5.0 has been released and all over the world, webmasters are waking up to the cry from their installations to upgrade to this new version. Security plugins such as WordFence are telling us that a critical update is needed…

But now comes the waiting game. Version 5.0 is almost all about Gutenberg, the new editor, and has little to do with security upgrades. Time and time again, developers have criticised the race to release 5.0; Gutenberg is considered by many to still not be ripe for production. But at WordPress, during the past couple of years, there seems to have been something of a move away from listening to the community and ploughing ahead with the personal desires of Matt Mullenweg, the WordPress CEO.

If all is well, the majority of plug-ins and installations as a whole will transition to v5.0 without too many headaches. But, as many of us still recall, only recently, the upgrade to v4.9.3 broke a good number of installations.

Laird of Glencoe will be waiting at least until the release of v5.0.1, if not later (probably v5.1) before making any major steps to upgrade managed sites. Meanwhile, new sites will be installed on the -still perfectly well secured- v4.9.8 platform with a move to v5.x envisaged when we know more about stability.

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