WordPress 5.0 released today

A new version of WordPress, v5.0, is being released today 6 December 2018. This version is not simply an elimination of a few bugs but marks a ‘next step’ move; hence the jump from v4.9.8 to v5.0.

As a webmaster / site manager, the Laird of Glencoe is wary about direct implementation of new ‘major’ versions. Notable similarities in the past have been seen in operating system software such as Window (before the fiascos) of Windows 8 and 10 and Novell. The advice has always been to wait for the versions after ‘.0’.

Laird of Glencoe will monitor the situation before upgrading any managed sites. But meanwhile, here is the take by Defiant, the providers of WordFence – the leading security plug-in used on all LoG managed sites:

WordPress 5.0: How and When to Update

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