WordPress Updates

My concerns regarding a rapid implementation of WordPress 5.0 seem to have had some justification. Less than a week after 5.0 was launched, there has been a ‘minor’ upgrade to 5.0.1. But so minor this upgrade was not; it included 7 significant security problems.

Less well publicised is the update to the 4.9 branch. Version 4.9.9 was released at the same time as 5.0.1 but it is unclear exactly what this release has addressed. 4.9.9 was in the planning before the launch of 4.9.8 and is clearly intended as an alternative for those not wishing to embark on the 5.0 adventure…

Meanwhile, Laird of Glencoe is starting to run trials on smaller sites to determine the stability of 5.0.1.

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